Why Are You Blogging?

Why am I blogging? Good question. Well as my description states: A creative Mom’s journey to her dream. And the everyday stopovers in between. I have had a dream for some time to start my own business. For the past 6 years I have taken baby steps towards this goal. But have encountered many stopovers in between. These are not negative stopovers. These are wonderful parts of my life. However, they have still slowed my journey.

So why am I blogging? I recently ran across a blog that says you should have an Accountability Buddy if you are trying to achieve a goal. Just the fact that you are putting your idea out there to someone gives you the extra push to want to achieve it and not look like you failed. So that is what I am doing here, putting it out there in the blogosphere for all to see. And hoping I don’t fail.

This blog will show my journey to that goal. Not every post you see here will be about starting my business. My journey is not just the steps to my dream but what happens in between those steps. So you will see posts about everything from my daily life, being a mom, being a graphic designer, designs I love, things that inspire me, links to interesting things and whatever else may come.

What is this new business I keep talking about? Read my next post and find out more. I plan on posting 2-3 times a week so please stop by soon! Until then I would love to hear what dreams you have accomplished that perhaps took some time to achieve. I would love some inspiration!


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