Always, Genevieve & Lucy

So happy you came back to find out more about my journey! Well here it is –  Always, Genevieve & Lucy.  My invitation design business. I will design mostly for Weddings and Baby’s, the two biggest events in one’s life. Every time I see a beautifully designed invitation, I get a creative rush. Kind of like that 5 minute coffee rush I get right after having my morning coffee. All is good and wonderful in the world and all is possible. I love that you can put that feeling on paper.

The inspiration for the name Always, Genevieve & Lucy was that Genevieve and Lucy are the names of my two daughter’s. In fact, I have worked on starting this business for so long that the original name of my company was Dear Genevieve Invitations but I then gave birth to little Lucy 4 years later, thus requiring an obvious name change.

Well, after this long time period, I’m excited to start my invitation designs but plan on offering more than just invitations. I will also offer stationery and other products as well. I have notebooks full of ideas ready and waiting for creation. I even have several ideas already in design phase.

In future posts you will see some of these designs, some from my past and other creative endeavors. I will also lay out my goals so that I can stay on track and you can keep me honest. Till then!


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