An Archiver’s Sunday

This weekend I made a trip to Archiver’s, the scrapbook store, with my daughter Genevieve. I am actually not a Scrapbooker, but find many of the scrapbooking tools and embellishments work great for invitation design.

Currently, I am working on two invitation designs for family events that will happen in December. I was at Archiver’s to find some inspiration and materials. I was actually having a tough time coming up with ideas. Mumbling to myself I said, “I just can’t think of what to do this time”. Genevieve then got a studious look on her face, held up one finger and said “I have an idea!”. Then she proceeded to race around the store, three different times, and brought me paper & embellishment ideas. I have to say she’s not half bad at this. Unfortunately, her ideas skewed a little younger than the audience these invitations are for. But, I really enjoyed seeing her bolt around with this creative burst of energy. She really is a very creative girl!

How about you? Have any creative bursts of energy this weekend?

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