Thanks and Giving

Today I want to stop and reflect on what I am giving thanks for. The things I am most thankful for are pretty basic but without them life would be very difficult. I am thankful for my job, my family’s health, our home, the food on our table, our freedom as Americans and those that protect us. Despite all of this I still tend to start stressing this time of year over Christmas preparations. This year my daughter reminded me of what the Holidays are really about. Loving, Caring and Giving to others.

A few days ago, Genevieve came to me and wanted to set up a Lemonade Stand. As I told her that they don’t have Lemonade Stands in the Fall she got upset and said,  “How am I going to make money to help give food and toys to the poor kids!”. This from a 6-year-old! I asked her if instead she would like to take some of the money she had already saved and go to Toys ‘R Us to donate a toy to Toys For Tots. “Yes!”, she said. She ran and emptied her money jar on her bed and collected much of what she had. We then drove to Toys ‘R Us and she walked the aisles debating on what to choose. The toy she decided to donate – a Barbie.

This season my family may not have a lot to give but I want to try to give what we can. Here are some links to programs that are important to my family.

St. Jude Research HospitalSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – You can shop their Hope Gift Book for Holiday giving. 100% of profits, after all related expenses, benefits the hospital.

Toys For Tots – Join the United States Marine Corps Reserve in donating toys to children in need. You can donate your toys at Toys ‘R Us.

Operation USO Care Package – Many of our troops are away from home during Christmas. Sending care packages is especially needed at this time of year when our Soldiers are away from their families.

What programs and charities are special to you? Please share so we can let others know of great programs to give to.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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