Tooth Fairy

Well, with all the excitement of opening my new business – a huge accomplishment for me. It is nice to be reminded that there was once a time where much simpler accomplishments were a big deal. Being a Mom helps remind me of these. And how much fun it is to reminisce of my childhood, while watching my children meet these milestones.

Just a couple of days ago, my daughter Genevieve, found that she had a very loose tooth. She was very excited! She entertained the thought that the next day at school it would fall out. The next day, when I picked her up from school, she ran up to me with a small certificate with a plastic bag attached. In the plastic bag was her tooth! She was so excited and proud that she was growing up to be a big girl. I can remember the excitement I had as a child when I lost a tooth. It is so much fun to see my children feel the same.

Being inspired by the loss of the tooth, I found a couple of cute links with the same theme. Enjoy!

Here’s a cute idea for holding your child’s tooth while she awaits the beloved tooth fairy. Created ByNanasHands

And here is another tooth fairy inspired piece by Bubble City Soap

Do you have any fun story’s about this fun milestone of loosing a tooth. Please share your story with us, it is always fun to reminisce! Till next time…


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