Boy, Oh Boy!

A great point was made on my last post from a friend of mine. Her comment on my color of the year post was “…of course it’s pink…why do little boys always get the short end of the stick when it comes to color and fashion?”. And she’s right. I have always thought that it wasn’t fair that the Boys section of the store was never quite as cute or fashionable as the Girls section. With a lot less selection to boot.

This thought was confirmed recently by my friend as well as my sister, both who have infant and toddler boys. I made it a quest this last week to see if I could find some cute boy apparel and highlight boys fashion for once. I would agree it was much more difficult finding cute fashion for boys. There was much less variety in theme, color and style. I hope I have at least succeeded in finding a few cute options here. Let me know your thoughts on my selections. And if you have any suggestions on great places to find fashionable clothes for young boys please comment below! Till next time…

Top Row, from left to right: Forest Fun Organic Short Sleeve Wrap Onesie from Zutano; Beanie and Tie One-Z by We Choose Joy; Spotted Owl Kimono Play Set by Henry And Zoe; Tiki Time by Gymboree

Bottom Row, from left to right: Ferris Twirl Shoes by Livie and Luca; Louis Coat by Olives Friend Pop; Koala Bear One-Piece by Old Navy; Plaid Seersucker Short by Janie and Jack; Linen-Blend Guayabera Shirt by Old Navy; Fedora Hat for Baby by Old Navy


I believe now that I have finally started my business, be it the wee early hours of that process, that I will do a slight redirect in my posts. Instead of using this blog for accountability, which was its original purpose, I’d like to use it more for sharing ideas on Design, Celebration, & Family, along with my continuing journey. This will include posts on design inspiration, ideas to help celebrate your special occasions, thoughts on family and being a Mom and much more.

So, today will be my first post on sharing some design inspiration. I love to see the new colors each year in Pantone’s Fashion Color Report. And I was thrilled to see this year’s Pantone color of the year: Honeysuckle. Pantone says  “Energizing Honeysuckle Lifts Spirits and Imparts Confidence to Meet Life’s Ongoing Challenges”. What an uplifting color! I’ve created a moodboard to share this color with you. What are your thoughts on this color? How does this color make you feel?

Honeysuckle Moodboard

Top Row, from left to right: Pink Peony Cake – by The Icing On The Cake, Photo by Krista Photography, found on theknot.comPink Parasol Favors – Courtesy of, Photo by Anne Ruthmann Photography; Sissy Dress – by Gock’s Frocks, found on Magpie ; Pink Bridesmaid Dress – by Aria

Bottom Row, from left to right: Summer Botanical Plaques – by Pottery Barn Kids; A Rosy Little Hat– by Land of Nod; Pantone’s Color of the Year HoneysuckleLittle Lovebird Steals A Kiss Mobile by Baby Jives

Stopover #1: Genevieve

Genevieve Stopover 1

As I had mentioned in my first blog post, my path to starting my business had several stopovers on the way. I will do a series of posts over the next several months on those stopovers. This was my first:

Stopover #1: Genevieve is Born

At the time my oldest daughter, Genevieve, was born I was working as an Art Director at a Marketing Agency in Chicago. I was completely unprepared for the heartbreaking feeling I would have going back to work after my Maternity Leave. For some reason, I had always just assumed when you had your baby, you went on Maternity Leave, then went back to work. End of story. But, all I could think about was how desperate I was to find a way to stay at home with Genevieve.

This is when the idea of starting my business really came into motion. But, with working full-time, having an hour commute home each day, the general care of my baby and wanting to spend the little precious time I had each night with her, it was necessary to put the idea on the back burner. However, all the while I did start to gather ideas, research, and learn about starting my business. These were the beginning baby steps to “Always, Genevieve & Lucy”.

There are many more Stopovers to come in my upcoming posts. For now, I am curious to know, from all the parents out there, what surprising things or feelings did you encounter after the birth of your child? I would love to see your responses below. Till next time…