I believe now that I have finally started my business, be it the wee early hours of that process, that I will do a slight redirect in my posts. Instead of using this blog for accountability, which was its original purpose, I’d like to use it more for sharing ideas on Design, Celebration, & Family, along with my continuing journey. This will include posts on design inspiration, ideas to help celebrate your special occasions, thoughts on family and being a Mom and much more.

So, today will be my first post on sharing some design inspiration. I love to see the new colors each year in Pantone’s Fashion Color Report. And I was thrilled to see this year’s Pantone color of the year: Honeysuckle. Pantone says  “Energizing Honeysuckle Lifts Spirits and Imparts Confidence to Meet Life’s Ongoing Challenges”. What an uplifting color! I’ve created a moodboard to share this color with you. What are your thoughts on this color? How does this color make you feel?

Honeysuckle Moodboard

Top Row, from left to right: Pink Peony Cake – by The Icing On The Cake, Photo by Krista Photography, found on theknot.comPink Parasol Favors – Courtesy of theknot.com, Photo by Anne Ruthmann Photography; Sissy Dress – by Gock’s Frocks, found on Magpie Lovely.com ; Pink Bridesmaid Dress – by Aria

Bottom Row, from left to right: Summer Botanical Plaques – by Pottery Barn Kids; A Rosy Little Hat– by Land of Nod; Pantone’s Color of the Year HoneysuckleLittle Lovebird Steals A Kiss Mobile by Baby Jives


6 thoughts on “Honeysuckle

  1. Hello Lisa! I love reading updates on your, your family and your new business, keep it up! 🙂

    In response to your post 2011 Color of the Year…all I have to say is of course it’s pink. 😦 I know you have two little girls (and Conrad is now big), but why do little boys always get the short end of the stick when it comes to color and fashion? Walk into any kids clothing store and at minimum three quarters of the store is for girls. Boys are like an after thought, they have a small section way in the back where the lighting is poor. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the girls section is beautiful, but can they care even a little bit about the little boys too???

  2. Thank you, Amanda! And you are so right! I have always thought that about little boys clothes. It is so unfair that they don’t try and do more for boys fashions. Seems like they always stick with the same themes and colors. I think that would be a great niche for someone to design for. I think they would be highly successful. Do you feel it is mostly the clothing selection that is the problem, how about boys decor, etc. Do you feel the same frustration with finding boys stuff in other areas? Actually, you have just inspired me to start a search for cute boy stuff. That may be my next post :o) Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I think that clothes are the biggest missing link… All I have to choose from is Blue, Sports, or Character themed. I’ve seen a few things pop up that are really cute, some hats, shoes, and a few pieces of clothing, but there’s a huge market here… I like blue, but come on, give me another color to choose from! I’m not a huge sports fan, so I’m not going to go buy football, baseball or basketball clothes (not really any other sports except maybe hockey either). And I also personally try to avoid anything character themed (we don’t need to start that yet!).

      Room decor can be challenging too, but not as bad. Since there are still people who don’t find out if they’re having a boy or girl until the birth, I think that allows there to be more “neutral” themes to choose from.

      Toys seem to be pretty 50/50, haven’t had too many issues there…

      All-in-all very disappointing, but I’m glad I inspired you! Maybe you can find some really cute things for baby #2! 🙂

      • You definitely have inspired me 🙂 And I am so excited for you with baby #2! What does Eamon think about becoming a big brother? Thanks for bringing up this subject and your input. My goal is to make this the subject of my next post. I’m looking forward to searching out some cute baby boy stuff!

  3. I love Honeysuckle, of course because I’m a huge fan of all things pink. But this particular shade makes me feel happy and bright (can you feel bright?)! I’m starting to think “wedding”, and trying to pick colors. How the heck do you pick when you have such a love for color…? This is not going to be easy planning!

    Thanks for sharing your mood board Lisa!

    • Oooh, great description! It does make me feel bright, too. I just love seeing the new color reports Pantone comes out with. And love this shade of pink. And how fun getting to start to plan your wedding. Especially, being a designer! You will have a beautiful wedding! I hope you post lots of pictures 🙂 Have you set a date yet?

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