Boy, Oh Boy!

A great point was made on my last post from a friend of mine. Her comment on my color of the year post was “…of course it’s pink…why do little boys always get the short end of the stick when it comes to color and fashion?”. And she’s right. I have always thought that it wasn’t fair that the Boys section of the store was never quite as cute or fashionable as the Girls section. With a lot less selection to boot.

This thought was confirmed recently by my friend as well as my sister, both who have infant and toddler boys. I made it a quest this last week to see if I could find some cute boy apparel and highlight boys fashion for once. I would agree it was much more difficult finding cute fashion for boys. There was much less variety in theme, color and style. I hope I have at least succeeded in finding a few cute options here. Let me know your thoughts on my selections. And if you have any suggestions on great places to find fashionable clothes for young boys please comment below! Till next time…

Top Row, from left to right: Forest Fun Organic Short Sleeve Wrap Onesie from Zutano; Beanie and Tie One-Z by We Choose Joy; Spotted Owl Kimono Play Set by Henry And Zoe; Tiki Time by Gymboree

Bottom Row, from left to right: Ferris Twirl Shoes by Livie and Luca; Louis Coat by Olives Friend Pop; Koala Bear One-Piece by Old Navy; Plaid Seersucker Short by Janie and Jack; Linen-Blend Guayabera Shirt by Old Navy; Fedora Hat for Baby by Old Navy


2 thoughts on “Boy, Oh Boy!

  1. Thank you Lisa for doing this post! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels that boys are being underrepresented in the clothing market. 🙂

    I like the items you’ve picked! I actually have TWO of the items on your list…the Plaid Seersucker Short by Janie and Jack and the Linen-Blend Guayabera Shirt by Old Navy (I have two of these…one in white with brown stitching and as you show above one in brown with white stitching :).

    I really like the Tiki Time by Gymboree (I never seem to go into that store), and I have a REALLY cute striped tie similar to the one above (more orange, yellow and green colors).

    Keep up the great work Lisa!! I love reading all your posts!!

    • LOL! I think we have the same style gene! First, the bedroom carpet and paint color and now the same clothes selections : ) It was fun looking for boy clothes, but it was a challenge. I’m glad you liked the selections. My sister, who has a baby boy, said she has trouble finding cute things even in the more fashionable stores. I guess it is good thing little boys aren’t as picky about fashion. It’s not as fun for Mom though I guess 😦 I still think someone could have a very succesful biz designing cute/reasonably priced clothes just for little boys. Thanks again for the inspiration for this post.

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