Vintage Vienna Travel Guide

I rediscovered this book that my Godfather had given me years ago when I was preparing to study abroad in Vienna. The book, unfortunately, was to old for me to really use for my trip. But I saved it. Finding it now reminds me of how much I love travel and the design that goes along with it. And, inside the book I found a nice surprise – a vintage tag from TWA. Even more fun for me, since I worked as a graphic designer for TWA for several years.

From finding my love of travel while backpacking through Europe on the train – with Europass in hand. To working my dream job at TWA, by designing for the travel industry. I really couldn’t get enough of travel. I even married a pilot. I doubt my love for travel inspired design will ever go away. Perhaps, I will share more of my travels in future posts. Till then, do you have any travel memories that really inspired you? Please share with us in the comments below.

Vintage TWA Tag

Detail of map from inside of Vienna Travel Guide


Inspiration Board – Vintage Wedding

Last week my mind was so inspired by Vintage! My thoughts kept thinking of how you could add some vintage elements to your wedding. After finding the vintage slide projector above, I thought of how fun it could be to have a slide show at your reception – retro style with movie screen and all. Or, how fun it would be to pack for your honeymoon with a vintage suitcase – reminds me of the romantic days of travel. And, another great idea found on The Wedding Chicks, uses an old typewriter to have your guests add a special note to your guest book. It’s funny how seeing items from years gone by can give you new inspiration for today.

Do the images above give you any ideas for a wedding or event that you had not thought of before? I would love to hear your ideas. Please share in my comments section below. Until next time…

Top Row, from left to right: Milk Glass Chandelier from Archive Vintage Rentals; Coro 50’s “Summer Garden” White Flowers and Rhinestone Demi Parure Set from BBB Designs; Retro 1950’s Minolta 16 Slide Projector from Nostalgia Goodies; Vintage Blue Desk from Archive Vintage Rentals found on www.weddingchicks.com, photo courtesy of Kali Lu Photo; “Ring Me Up” Ring from Mod Cloth

Bottom Row, from left to right: Vintage Suitcase found on Fido 1 Cat; Teal French Sofa from Archive Vintage Rentals; Vintage Classic Black Purse found on alaparisienne; Typewriter from Archive Vintage Rentals found on www.weddingchicks.com, photo courtesy of Kali Lu Photo; Presidio Poise Dress by Mod Cloth

LR2 Designs

What fun it was to get my mail today! Today I received a small package which had two beautiful pairs of earrings enclosed. These were a wonderful thank you gift for a small project that I worked on recently. The project was to design a logo and business card for LR2 Designs, a jewelry designer based in Manhattan. It was not difficult to find inspiration for this project, just looking at the beautiful jewelry designs got my mind spinning. Thought I would share my logo design with you here, along with the beautiful earrings I received from LR2 Designs. Till next time…

Fun Finds

Fun Finds

On a recent visit to Chicago, to visit family, I ran across these coffee mugs. I don’t know why I am so drawn to them, but I am. Perhaps, it’s the simple lines of the yellow coffee mug and the whimsy of the Bailey’s mugs. What ever it was, I continually grabbed that yellow cup every time I had my coffee. I wanted to share them with you here. Till next time…