Vintage Vienna Travel Guide

I rediscovered this book that my Godfather had given me years ago when I was preparing to study abroad in Vienna. The book, unfortunately, was to old for me to really use for my trip. But I saved it. Finding it now reminds me of how much I love travel and the design that goes along with it. And, inside the book I found a nice surprise – a vintage tag from TWA. Even more fun for me, since I worked as a graphic designer for TWA for several years.

From finding my love of travel while backpacking through Europe on the train – with Europass in hand. To working my dream job at TWA, by designing for the travel industry. I really couldn’t get enough of travel. I even married a pilot. I doubt my love for travel inspired design will ever go away. Perhaps, I will share more of my travels in future posts. Till then, do you have any travel memories that really inspired you? Please share with us in the comments below.

Vintage TWA Tag

Detail of map from inside of Vienna Travel Guide



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