State your motto here…

New York State Motto by Dan Cassaro

Well, in the continued patriotic spirit of this month I wanted to share this cool project with you. The project is called Fifty and Fifty. Here is how the creator, Dan Cassaro, describes it. “50 And 50 is a curated project which attempts to construct a handsome new way of looking at our country. Fifty designers, one per state, have illustrated their state motto, creating something steeped in history but completely modern and unique: a kind of designer’s atlas.”

I love the artwork from this project for both it’s celebration of our country and it’s fun use of typography. I have always been drawn to artwork which includes typography. I suppose that is why I became a graphic designer… What are your thoughts on this project? Which one is your favorite? You can find more artwork on the Fifty and Fifty website. Till next time…

Ohio State Motto by Mikey Burton

Michigan State Motto by Friends of Type

Colorado State Motto by Justin Fuller

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