Goals Revisited & New Adventures

Always, Genevieve and Lucy

A Little Glimpse of My Weekend at MomBiz Retreat Chicago

Well, a little over a year ago I started this blog as a way of being accountable. I wrote out a list of goals in the hopes that it would give me that extra push to get my business going. A lot has happened since then. Looking back I was only able to meet one of those goals. That was to finally open my online shop and officially start Always, Genevieve & Lucy. But, I’m ok with that because so much has happened this year. Just the fact that I put my goals out there got me rolling on this whole new adventure.

As, a matter of fact, this weekend was one of those adventures. I was blessed by winning a ticket to attend The MomBiz Retreat in Chicago. This amazing event was created by Lara Galloway and Shelagh Cummins. Because of this tremendous opportunity I was able to meet a whole group of amazing Momprenuers. And also got to learn tons more about running my business. My head is still spinning with so many ideas and info that I think I will need a whole week to recover.

I look forward to the year ahead as I continue to grow my business and see where it will take me. I am excited to see what is next. Hopefully another MomBiz Retreat! Till next time…


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