Fun Finds

Fun Finds

Fun Finds

Since we are quickly approaching Valentines Day I did a little search to see what I could find. These embroidered hearts caught my eye. Not your typical Valentine’s hearts, but perhaps that was why I was drawn to them. These were created from an embroidery kit by Prints Charming and featured on I so love the fun embroidery on these. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Fun Finds

  1. It’s really too bad that some people are so stuck on male/female roles and think pretending to go to a salon is not a good idea. That’s what pretending and learning to use imagination is for, for children and adults for that matter. If it wasn’t for our imaginations we wouldn’t make the things we do, reuse an item that somebody else got rid of. Learning and pretending in childhood helps us learn and create in adult-hood. I can remember playing with my dolls til I was about 11 or 12. Girls did that then. I am a Mother of 4 children, I sewed, crafted with them, took a truck full of kids to the beach. I think alot of that occured due to my pretending with my dolls. I love being a Mother, keeping my home and children clean, having a house of kids around. Our home was the hangout place for all the kids and their friends. Even when the kids grew up we did alot with our kids and their friends, they called us Mom and Dad. All those experiences started from somewhere.

    • I completely agree! You need to let children explore with their imaginations. Don’t limit them. One day my daughter will be pretending to have a salon and the next she will be pretending to be a spy. When you are a kid you have the chance to pretend to be whatever you want to be. When you get older you have to decide, but by getting to “try” it out as a kid may give kids an idea of what really interests them. Thank you so much for your comment!

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