Color Inspiration… Spring Dress

Color Inspiration

Always Genevieve and Lucy Spring Dress

Happy Spring everyone! This is a photo of my little Lucy that I just love. I’ve wanted to share it for a long time, but didn’t know in what context to do so. Then the thought came to me, one of the reasons I love this photo (besides that it is my little Lulu) is because of the colors. This gave me a flash of inspiration, I should start a recurring post theme about color! So I will. I’m simply calling it “Color Inspiration…”. From time to time, I will share with you some hues that inspire. Maybe it will help give you a vision for a wedding, a baby nursery, a room you want to remodel, or just a break from your busy day. Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy!

Which of these colors are you most drawn to? Your feedback could help me select some new colors for my stationery designs. Thanks for your help! Till next time…


Fun Finds

Fun Finds

Today’s Fun Find came to me in my weekly Etsy email. I saw this photo of this beautiful underpinning and just fell in love. Extra little touches like this are what get me excited. I think that is what makes life interesting, those extra little surprises. They may be small but they add so much. Giving life to something that may have seemed ordinary, expected or typical. So when I saw this underpinning I had to see where they came from and what other surprises they had in store. You can find them in the Etsy store Swank Underpinnings. So what do you think of these underpinnings?  Till next time…

1. Full Length Hand-dyed Bridal Slip – Swank Underpinnings

2. Classic 50s 4-Tier Tulle Crinoline – Swank Underpinnings

3. Sheer Elegance Tiered Chiffon and Tulle Crinoline – Swank Underpinnings

Easter Wedding

Always, Genevieve & Lucy - Easter Wedding

Yesterday, I was thinking about weddings and a thought popped into my head…has anyone ever had an Easter inspired wedding?  So, I decided to do a little surfing on the web and see what I could find. Turns out there are lots of beautiful ideas for an Easter inspired wedding. Here are a few I collected for you. I love the muted colors, it’s like a little taste of spring. What do you think? Till next time…

Personalized Wooden Eggs by Paloma’s Nest  |  Wedding Bridal Pin Accessory by Brooch Couture  |  Little Guy Necktie Tie by Petite Peanut  |  Nest Woodland Rustic Robin Egg Wedding Place Cards by Fairy Folk  |  Easter or Spring Wedding Bird Cupcake Toppers by Death by Cupcake  |  Felted Craspedia Flowers by Fairy Folk  |  Singed and Melted Petals Satin Fabric Flower Clip with Birdcage Veil by BowPosh