Fun Finds

Fun Finds

Today’s Fun Find came to me in my weekly Etsy email. I saw this photo of this beautiful underpinning and just fell in love. Extra little touches like this are what get me excited. I think that is what makes life interesting, those extra little surprises. They may be small but they add so much. Giving life to something that may have seemed ordinary, expected or typical. So when I saw this underpinning I had to see where they came from and what other surprises they had in store. You can find them in the Etsy store Swank Underpinnings. So what do you think of these underpinnings?  Till next time…

1. Full Length Hand-dyed Bridal Slip – Swank Underpinnings

2. Classic 50s 4-Tier Tulle Crinoline – Swank Underpinnings

3. Sheer Elegance Tiered Chiffon and Tulle Crinoline – Swank Underpinnings


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