Fun Finds

Fun FindsFun Finds - pink eyeglasses on my designed life

When I was a kid I wanted glasses so badly. I thought if I sat in front of the TV close enough it would cause me to need them. I was so excited when I was in 3rd grade and they told me I needed them. Woohoo! I did eventually find out that glasses aren’t exactly a picnic. But the fun part about them is the different styles you can choose from. I always wanted glasses like Lisa Loeb. She always made glasses look cool. And when these vintage specs caught my eye they kind of reminded me of her. The shop is Vintage Optical Shop and they sell tons of  these vintage frames. How fun it would be to have a pair of these for myself. As you’ve seen in earlier posts I just love vintage. And these are way cool. But which one to choose, that’s the hard part.

So tell me, what was your favorite (or least favorite) eyeglass trend? Any you are embarrassed to admit you wore? Share with us here. Till next time…

Fun Finds - blue eyeglasses on my designed life

Fun Finds - tortoise shell eyeglasses on my designed life

All eyeglasses found on Vintage Optical Shop.


2 thoughts on “Fun Finds

  1. When researching the eyeglasses market, I remember seeing that Lisa Loeb has her own line of frames. Maybe they’re making so much money for her that she decided to not make another hit song. 😉

    • LOL :o) Yes, you are right. I did hear somewhere that she had her own line of glasses. She always had such great style with her eyeglass choices. Actually, the last I saw she had a children’s CD/book out. Maybe she’s switched her niche. 🙂

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