Fun Finds

Fun Finds

Button and fabric Bridal Bouquet

I ran across this gorgeous and unique bridal bouquet while searching for wedding inspiration this week. I love that it is not your typical bridal bouquet. It has a handmade personal feel to it that I think many brides are leaning towards these days. And it is a  keepsake from your wedding that you will be able to cherish forever. You Fascinate Me So is the designer behind this beautiful piece.

What do you think of this bouquet?


8 thoughts on “Fun Finds

  1. Being the crafty person I am, this is amazing! It definitely needs to fit the wedding theme, but it could also be a beautiful table decoration?

    • Your absolutely right! This would also make a beautiful table decoration. I love how she took all of those beautiful buttons and fabric and created such a beautiful piece. So creative!

  2. Thank you! The bride did use this and the maids’ bouquets as decorations at the reception. She had an ombre wedding cake that looked gorgeous next to these.

    Thanks again for the compliments 🙂

    • You do such beautiful work! I really love this bouquet, so unique! By the way, looks like we are both from St. Louis. 🙂 Great to see a fellow St. Louisan out there selling beautiful work! Thank you for letting me share your work with everyone.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I logged in with my WordPress account by accident but that website is not active. I got so confused b/w and WordPress when I started my website. Blogs are different than retail! I do have two websites, the one you listed on Etsy and also

    I love eye candy/style/design blogs so I’ll have to bookmark yours.

    Enjoy the weather before its too hot out there!

    • Thank you, Marcella! Would you prefer the link I have would refer people to the website instead of Etsy? It would be no problem for me to change it, just let me know. And, I am just loving this weather! Won’t be long before it’s hot and humid everyday. So I am enjoying it now. 🙂

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