Surprise Mail!

What a sweet surprise to find in my mail today!

What a sweet surprise to find in my mail today!

Happy Friday Everyone! My-oh-my this week has just flown by. And with a week like I’ve had what a nice surprise it was to open my mail and find a package just for me. So kindly sent from my sister-in-law, Cheryl. When I opened the package it was another nice surprise to find she had started her own business, Peaces by CJ. Looking inside the envelope I was thrilled to discover this beautiful necklace with interchangeable magnetic pieces. Each piece had a small element of me that I could share with the world each day. One a magnet with a photo of my wedding, one with my business logo and one of an illustration I created for my stationery designs. What a creative idea! Thank you, Cheryl!

How about all of you? Did you have any fun Friday surprises today? Please share with us in the comments section below. Till next time…

The Zest – Allyson & Doug

The Zest

A St. Louis Wedding: Allyson & Doug

Happy New Year! Since New Year’s represents new beginnings I would like to kick off this year’s blog with one of the happiest new beginnings there is, a wedding. This wedding is from a very sweet couple, full of heart and joy. This wedding shot in St. Louis by L Photographie, really captures the excitement and joy of new beginnings. Enjoy!

Allyson and Doug

All Photos by L Photographie



Allyson_Hair and Hubby



AllysonWed_candy bar