Fun Finds – Wedding Cake Toppers

Fun Finds

Better off Wed Cake Topper

I came across these charming cake toppers by Better Off Wed and wanted to share them with you. I adore the homemade feel they can add to a wedding. I love that it is not your typical cake topper. The use of typography is probably one reason I love these so. I am always drawn to art that includes elements of typography in it. I guess it makes sense that I became a graphic designer! What do you think of these cake toppers? A nice new spin on the traditional cake topper or not so much?

Till next time…

Better Off Wed Cake Topper - Sweet Love

Better Off Wed Cake Topper - Love Birds

Dad’s Day Dilemma: What To Get Dad?

My Designed Life Father's Day Gift Ideas

Having trouble finding a gift for Dad? See if any of these strike up some ideas.

Every year I have the same dilemma, what to get my Dad for Father’s Day. I usually end up getting him a gift card (which he loves) but it seems so bland. So, as I often do, I decided to surf the web and see if I could gather up some more interesting ideas. I did find a few. Above you’ll find one of my snazzy mood boards to hopefully give you some gift ideas. Some of my favorites are the very hip, and manly, messenger diaper bag for those new Dads out there. And a super cool USB typewriter for the tech Dad that appreciates vintage. I thought this was a fun bunch of gifts. What do you think?

Till next time…

From left to right: USB Typewriter by Uncommon Goods; Turntable Print Messenger Diaper Bag by Two Tree Designs; New Dad & Baby Boy Tie Shirts by Chic Couture Boutique; Real Men Change Diapers New Dad T-shirt by Signature Shirts; Mule Mug from Red Envelope; Personalized Key Chain for Dad by Jewelry by RM Smith; Personalized Mens Toiletry Bag by Aren Lace

3 Tips For The Poor Bride

3 Tips for Poor Brides

Looking for ways to save money for your wedding day? Just need a little extra to get that Vera Wang dress or that vintage wedding ring you had your eye on. Here are 3 tips I’ve found useful for saving money that just might help you get what you want.

1. Trick Yourself. Have part of your paycheck automatically deposited into a separate savings account. Trick yourself into forgetting it is even there so you don’t spend it. When I started saving for my wedding I was short on money but big on ideas. And this was one of the ways that I was able to put money aside without being tempted to use it for other things.

2. That’s A Latte Money. Cutting out Starbuck’s (or something else) for a year might be tough but the extra money you will save for that honeymoon to Bali will be worth it.  I used to go to Starbuck’s every morning before work. That was about $4 a day, $20 a week, $1,040 a year! On coffee, who knew! By just cutting out the Starbucks you could have a nice chunk of change to go towards your honeymoon. Don’t want to cut out the coffee? Find other things that you can cut. Keep a journal for a week that tracks every single thing you buy. You might be surprised on where your money is going and find some things you can cut (at least for now). While it may not be fun, it would be worth it to have the extra money for your once in a lifetime event.

3. A Simple Switch. Can you switch one of your everyday products for a lesser expensive or store brand? This could be anything from your tin foil to your laundry detergent. Items you might not even think much about. Until I took a closer look, I didn’t realize this myself. I too was purchasing the most expensive brands without even giving it a second thought.  For example, I used to buy a contact solution that cost $9 a bottle. One day I realized that there was another store brand that was a fraction of the cost. I gave it a try and it worked fine. Why was I overpaying? Just out of habit. Are there any brands you can switch so you can use that extra money for that calligrapher you wanted to hire?

These are just a few ideas to help you save that little extra to make that extra special day a reality. These small sacrifices will be well worth it for a day you will always remember. I would love to hear if any of you have ideas on how to save extra money for your wedding. It would be great to share as many ideas as we can. Till next time…

Color Inspiration…Vintage Carnival

I’ve got another shot of color inspiration for you today. I was looking through some amazing photos. Color photos from the Great Depression and it was so moving to see these photos in color. It made that era come to life. We’re so used to seeing all the black & white photos it almost doesn’t feel real sometimes. But seeing it in color brings it into the same context as we see things everyday, in color. It made me feel even more connected to these people.

The photo I chose above really popped out at me when I saw it. The rich colors, graphic carnival banners and 1940’s gent drew me in and made me wonder what it would have been like to be there on that bright sunny day.

Does this photo draw you in as much as it does me? Would love to hear what you think. Till next time…

Photo: Barker at the grounds at the state fair. Rutland, Vermont, September 1941. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Jack Delano. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Fun Finds

Fun Finds

Button and fabric Bridal Bouquet

I ran across this gorgeous and unique bridal bouquet while searching for wedding inspiration this week. I love that it is not your typical bridal bouquet. It has a handmade personal feel to it that I think many brides are leaning towards these days. And it is a  keepsake from your wedding that you will be able to cherish forever. You Fascinate Me So is the designer behind this beautiful piece.

What do you think of this bouquet?

Mother’s Day Finds

Ok, I realized this is a little late for finding Mother’s Day gifts. But in case you are running behind, here are some really cute options. As a Mom I can say I would be happy to receive any of these gifts. What do you think of these picks? Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there. Enjoy your day, you deserve it!

Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Heart Necklace by Rock My World, Inc.  |  Nerd Herder gadget wallet by Rock It Bot  |  Amy Butler Cosmo Bag by House of Stitches  |  Personalized Bird Bracelet by Beautiful As You  |  Deep Mum Metal Frame Purse by Daphne  |  Po’ Dot Series Blown Glass Tumbler Set by Demi and Dean  |  Dear Mum and Kid Necklace by Cecilia

Project #DesignLife365


Here’s a little peek at my life from this month. A hail storm, Mommy Daughter day at the art museum, new baby chicks and a happy 3 year old.

As if I don’t have enough projects, I’ve decided to start yet another. I’ve heard of people who take a year and commit to doing something everyday. Draw a picture, design a dress, decide on a subject that they will work with each day. Then at the end of the year they have a great collection to look back on. I decided it might be fun to take a snapshot of my life each day  for a year. They might not always be exciting pics but just a little snap or peek into my everyday life. Then at the end of the year I will have a great mosaic of what my year had been like. This is more something I’m doing for me. Please don’t think I am so egotistical that I would think people would care to see me everyday like a Reality TV show. But if you would like to come along for the ride, I’d love to have you. I will be posting a photo each day on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter @Genevieve_Lucy or search for the hashtag #designlife365 and you will be able to see all my tweets. You can comment, share, and let me know what your day is like as well.

Have any of you committed to one of these 365 projects? I’d love to hear about it. Please share with us below and let us know how it went. Till next time…


Have You Found This Lost Treasure?

Sometimes there are treasures right under our noses and we don’t even see them. Or, we are so used to them being there that we forget why they are there in the first place. That is what happened to me. $4 dollars a gallon for gas and a bad economy has caused us to be more creative with our money. And that is how I unearthed this treasure for my family.

When I was young one of my favorite things to do was to go to the library. I loved searching for new books. I would then find one of the small white library chairs with orange cushions, sit down and leaf through each one. As I got older and graduated from college I all but forgot about the library in lieu of the more popular bookstores that were popping up. You could look through a book, have your coffee and listen to great music. All the while you never felt pressure to actually buy the books (even though I often did). There is no doubt I spent a lot of money at these bookstores.

Now, that I’m a Mom, I still love to go to the bookstore. But, try to tell a 7-year-old you are only there to look and you’re sure to hear some mumbling. So, why when we have a library literally right down the street did it not dawn on me to take the kids there? Working a full-time job made it difficult to have time during the week to take the kids to the library. And, weekends always seemed a time to catch up on everything. Luckily I recently decided to take a Friday off and spend the day with the kids. The thought popped into my head to take them to the library since I was trying to think of free things to do. And, what a great idea that was!

As we walked into the library I reminded the girls they had to be very quiet. Lucy wasn’t quite sure about this. But she quickly fell in love once she saw the special children’s area. They had small tables and chairs and big fun pillows on the brightly animated rugs strewn around the kids area. They had a blast looking for books and children’s DVDs. Lucy loved making friends and watching them play on the little computers. I then got my chance to look around and quickly found a huge book about knitting and several on art and design. It was like a new world had opened up to me. I didn’t realize the amount of resources the library offered. Aside from books and magazines, you can check out DVDs, CDs, Video Games, Audio Books and even download e-books and audio books to your iPad or Kindle. Wow!

Now, I realize there are many people out there that use this treasure to its fullest. But for me it truly was like finding a lost treasure. Especially during these times when money can be tight. It can feel so limiting at times when you know you want to save money. Now going to the library is like a shopping trip, play date and bookstore trip in one, but I don’t have to spend a cent! We have made trips to the library a regular part of our weekend routine now.

So tell me, when was the last time you went to the library? And if you are a regular visitor please share with us what else we can find there. I know I have just scratched the surface. Till next time…

Fun Finds

Fun FindsFun Finds - pink eyeglasses on my designed life

When I was a kid I wanted glasses so badly. I thought if I sat in front of the TV close enough it would cause me to need them. I was so excited when I was in 3rd grade and they told me I needed them. Woohoo! I did eventually find out that glasses aren’t exactly a picnic. But the fun part about them is the different styles you can choose from. I always wanted glasses like Lisa Loeb. She always made glasses look cool. And when these vintage specs caught my eye they kind of reminded me of her. The shop is Vintage Optical Shop and they sell tons of  these vintage frames. How fun it would be to have a pair of these for myself. As you’ve seen in earlier posts I just love vintage. And these are way cool. But which one to choose, that’s the hard part.

So tell me, what was your favorite (or least favorite) eyeglass trend? Any you are embarrassed to admit you wore? Share with us here. Till next time…

Fun Finds - blue eyeglasses on my designed life

Fun Finds - tortoise shell eyeglasses on my designed life

All eyeglasses found on Vintage Optical Shop.

And the winner is…

Stephanie Romano!   Congratulations on winning the same stationery gifted to Sarah Jessica Parker! I will be contacting the winner shortly by email. Thanks so much for everyone that entered my giveaway and gave me feedback on my work. It is much appreciated. Have a great week everybody!