When Life Hands You Lemons…. Have An Adventure

When life hands you lemons

You may have noticed an absence from me over the last few weeks. I was doing so well posting each week, then suddenly dropped off. I hated to leave you hanging but sometimes life throws things at you that you aren’t expecting. And you have to stop everything to deal with the situation. That is what happened to me after I returned to work after a short vacation with my family. I came back to find that I had lost my job. Not a complete shock with this economy but you are never truly prepared for it. So, I have been rushing around these past few weeks trying to get a lot of things in order.

I certainly had my cries and panic attacks. But, you can’t dwell on what happened. You have to move forward and see what good can come of this situation. So, as I have come to tell my kids when we are in rough or uncertain situations, “This is an adventure”. It may seem an odd thing to say but it is all in the way you look at it.

For instance, while on this short vacation, our car broke down halfway on the way to our destination. We were blessed enough to have stopped in a good place. While me and my daughters waited at a restaurant to find out what was going to happen with the car (and our trip) I told them, “This is an adventure”. They seemed to like that and took the whole situation in stride. As we tried to kill time at the restaurant, then across the street at the JC Penney, to meeting the guys that were fixing our car and getting to rent a new car to use on the rest of our trip, it all seemed like an adventure to them.

So, I am now embarking on my own adventure. I’m certainly a little scared, more than a bit anxious, but this whole new life I am living now is definitely an adventure. This could be the opportunity to really get my Always, Genevieve & Lucy business going full force. Or, a new and exciting job opportunity could be in my future. Maybe we will move to a new town. Only God knows, and I’m sure he has a plan. It is now just my job to work hard, pray and see where this adventure takes me. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Have any of you embarked on an “adventure” like this? What was the outcome? What is your advice?

Till next time…

Stopover #1: Genevieve

Genevieve Stopover 1

As I had mentioned in my first blog post, my path to starting my business had several stopovers on the way. I will do a series of posts over the next several months on those stopovers. This was my first:

Stopover #1: Genevieve is Born

At the time my oldest daughter, Genevieve, was born I was working as an Art Director at a Marketing Agency in Chicago. I was completely unprepared for the heartbreaking feeling I would have going back to work after my Maternity Leave. For some reason, I had always just assumed when you had your baby, you went on Maternity Leave, then went back to work. End of story. But, all I could think about was how desperate I was to find a way to stay at home with Genevieve.

This is when the idea of starting my business really came into motion. But, with working full-time, having an hour commute home each day, the general care of my baby and wanting to spend the little precious time I had each night with her, it was necessary to put the idea on the back burner. However, all the while I did start to gather ideas, research, and learn about starting my business. These were the beginning baby steps to “Always, Genevieve & Lucy”.

There are many more Stopovers to come in my upcoming posts. For now, I am curious to know, from all the parents out there, what surprising things or feelings did you encounter after the birth of your child? I would love to see your responses below. Till next time…