The Gift of Time

The Luxurious Coffee-House

The other day I took my daughter to a birthday party. We are at the age where I wasn’t sure if I still needed to stay at the party or if I could just drop her off. I was happy to find the other parents were not staying. Thus, I was suddenly given the precious gift of time. You see, on very rare occasions, this unexpected small gift of an hour or so presents itself. This happens so rarely that I am almost paralyzed with the endless possibilities. There are so many things I could do, so many things I should do and many things I want to do. So what was I going to do today? I had two – count them…not one, but two – glorious hours to myself before I had to pick up my daughter.

Should I go to that cute handmade shop I discovered a couple of weeks ago? Should I sneak in a short movie? Well…I guess I could fit in a few errands. Not so exciting, I know. But, then I treated myself to a luxurious trip to the coffee-house. Ok, ok, maybe that doesn’t really rank as luxurious. But for me, who seldom gets to treat myself in this way, it was. Plus, what a beautiful coffee-house I found! Time – I can’t think of a better gift (…ok, maybe money, but this is pretty good too). 🙂

How about you? Do you ever experience that paralyzed feeling with that unexpected gift of time? What will you do the next time that opportunity arises? I would love to hear your replies! Till next time…


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